A Balanced Hedge

Transforming Market Imbalances into Consistent Alpha


Firm Overview

Ocean Index (“Ocean”) is a New York based investment firm that was founded in 2014. Managed by an alumnus of Platinum Partners, our mission is to generate uncorrelated investment returns by capturing imbalances in broad based market indexes.

Our investment approach seeks to create consistent alpha and outperform during market downdrafts. The firm’s core strategies leverage unique and proprietary trading structures to capitalize on volatility dislocations and neutralize market fluctuations, including multiple standard deviation moves. Ocean’s investment team is led by Wall Street veterans with extensive trading and research experience, backed by intensive quantitative analysis.

Since our inception, we have generated tax-advantaged, risk-adjusted alternative returns with an overriding focus on capital preservation. Our commitment to disciplined investing and focused execution powers what we do, every day, for our clients.

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Our investment strategies are designed to perform consistently across all market conditions


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Non-directional approach
engineered for positive performance
in all conditions; thrives in down
and volatile markets


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Most of the firm’s returns are treated
as long-term capital gains despite
its use of short-term contracts


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Our intense focus on capital
preservation and risk management
prioritizes the protection of investors’
capital at all times


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The investment portfolio is
comprised of highly liquid contracts
which helps mitigate market
risk at all times


Expert and Differentiated Leadership

Eli Bensinger

Managing Partner and Fund Manager

Eli Bensinger is a seasoned and accomplished fund manager who has been investing in financial instruments and derivatives for more than 20 years. Eli founded Ocean Index Fund in 2014. Prior to founding Ocean, Eli was Portfolio Manager and Head of Merger Arbitrage for Platinum Partners where he managed assets of over $200 million.

Beginning in 2007, Eli developed and implemented alpha-generation/risk-management strategies for merger arbitrage trading for several large hedge funds. From 1999 to 2005, he also served as a consultant to a number of investment managers and financial services companies, including Refco and Whale Securities, where he provided technical and fundamental analysis. He used his knowledge and understanding of derivatives and synthetics to create a structure to trade broad-based index options – the foundation of Ocean Index’s strategy still today.

Mr. Bensinger earned his Doctorate of Talmudic Law and his Rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin Rabbinical Seminary in Brooklyn, New York.